Get started in four easy steps

for open source projects

System requirements: Linux Kernel 2.6.39+ and x86/x86-64

  1. Download and verify its checksum (SH1A:retrieving checksum...).
  2. $ sha1sum

  3. Run the installer as below. You need to substitute installation-folder with your choice in the following commands.
  4. $ chmod +x && ./ --target installation-folder

  5. Make the compiler available to the executable search path as below.
  6. $ export PATH=installation-folder/stensal/bin:$PATH

  7. Use Stensal C/C++ compiler.
    • Use stensal-c to compile C code.
    • $ stensal-c hello-world.c

    • Use stensal-c++ to compile C++ code.
    • $ stensal-c++ hello-world.cpp

    • Use them in build systems.
    • Override the compiler environment variables supported by your build systems with stensal-c/stensal-c++. The usage samples for the commonly used build systems are listed in the following table.
      GNU configure
      CC=stensal-c CXX=stensal-c++ ./configure
      cmake -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=stensal-c -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=stensal-c++ .. 
    • If you have trouble to build your code, please contact us and we can assist.