Accelerate the discovery of memory access violations

with stensal-ed binaries

System requirements: Linux Kernel 2.6.39+ and x86/x86-64

  1. Download an installer and verify its checksum. You need to substitute installer with your choice in the following commands.
  2. $ wget && sha1sum installer

  3. Run the installer as below. You need to substitute installation-folder with your choice in the following commands.
  4. $ chmod +x installer && ./{installer} --target installation-folder

  5. Make Stensal executables searchable in your PATH as below.
  6. $ export PATH=installation-folder/bin:$PATH

Package Installer SHA1
bzip2-1.0.6 5d62c4f34f906690df50232df108c9c34e08b13a
curl-7.52.1 3f41136455566d42cfd7fd10d2f226ee575a5523
dropbear-2016.74 43c0264952714407ed58580b61c013e7c03531dc
gzip-1.8 1c2aa56f4d0884387c9104849f931fd1dc24f638
sqlite-3.15.2 70561f586dc830de580446f651b254754967a8a1
wget-1.18 fce4a3e930b2a82728dfa2c1da1ec8d07cb44c67

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